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The following story was send to CareAware on 28 December 2008.

Professional Misconduct by RSPCA inspectors

On the 7th Oct 2008 my beloved Whippet, old & frail was taken from his devoted family, caged & killed 24 hrs later. While I was denied access to my dog, I was lied to, deceived & had been completely misinformed as to their procedures.

My dog was to be put to sleep with the love & dignity he deserved the following week, at home, surrounded by those that adored him & whom he trusted. (Documented by the vet).

The YOUNG incompetent girl they sent to take him (I consider my dog to have been STOLEN) failed to follow up his medical history, & failed to contact the vet that was to perform the euthanasia. She threatened to charge me with neglect & cruelty (the drug regime he had been prescribed had caused hair loss & muscle wastage) & when she realised my dog had been under medical care changed tack, told me that my dog was now under the control of the RSPCA vets who wanted to put him down that night.
I think at that moment my heart broke.

I was deeply upset as this "inspector" had taken my dog from my daughter's house after being informed that I would be back within the hour, & from my conversation with her I realised I was talking to someone COMPLETELY out of her depth with the responsibilities she had been assigned.

She then informed that if I chose to challenge the RSPCA they could keep my Whip for 60 days while I was charged at the rate of 30.00 per day.

This girl had stolen my dog, was threatening to kill him & then seemed to be demanding money. I was very angry, but assumed that this girl was just an aberration. All of this conflicting information was delivered by mobile phone call.
Unfortunately she was the least of my dog’s problems. When I told her I would be straight out to pick him up I was told that the premises were shut & I would not be able to get in. I have yet to verify if this is true.

The following day when I attended the premises the reception staff could find no record of my dog on their system. I was ill with fear & in retrospect ALL of the inspecting staff that came across my path that day would be individuals I would never have let near him.

A woman presented herself as a 'Special Constable" & seemed inordinately proud of her epaulettes. Her pride in her special police powers & her anecdotes she told to keep me occupied were puzzling at that stage. I had no interest in her, her "special" powers or her inane anecdotes.

As it was by this time the early afternoon & I was still being denied access to my beautiful dog who I knew would be deeply traumatised by these people, I was becoming more & more anxious. I felt trapped & traumatised & deeply frustrated at their attitude. I asked them to lock me in a room with him as I assume they assumed I would remove him. I WAS DESPERATE TO BE WITH MY DOG.

The "Special Constable" lied to me throughout the rest of the afternoon while deceptively setting up his demise. I informed her I wanted to see a more senior staff member as I could see she was keen on her powers, quite efficient in her manner but not particularly intelligent. However she was the only person who presented as someone who could negotiate with senior staff. As the afternoon wore on her story changed from yes, the "Chief Inspector is at a meeting & will be here, to ' He's stuck in traffic'', to 'Oh sorry I didn't promise', as if we were playing a children’s game with benign consequences. As I knew I had 60 days I was prepared to put up with her amateur & obsessive command & control behaviour. I had also requested & been "promised" a meeting with a specialist who I was told was being called for another assessment. In fact this meeting did not happen as this specialist was in fact being called in to sign off on my dog.

This appalling woman even asked me what my dog’s favourite food was. How abjectly cruel considering what she was up to.

I was led to believe that I was waiting for a formal meeting & it was only when I glimpsed a police officer through a door at the end of a corridor I realised I had been played for a fool. In fact I was on a ship of fools & when I was led to my dog at approx 5.30 pm I was informed by the "Special Constable" they were about to put him down. When I vehemently protested this woman then demanded that I leave the room.
Ultimately I had to beg on my knees to get this woman to ring her superior the "Chief Inspector" to allow me to hold him while they killed him. When he was released from the cage my Whip attempted to run from the room. Whoever was on the other side of the door slammed it shut in his face. That would have to be the single most sickening moment of my life.

The girl who had removed my dog from his family was there to witness her handiwork & the 'Special Constable" stood behind me with her arms outstretched & her palms open as if she was herding sheep.

They were going to put him on their steel table until I insisted they get a pillow & he & I lay on the floor while they rushed at him. His death was conducted in an ugly deceitful show of stupidity.

My Whippet knew from the moment he was forcibly removed that his life was in danger & when I was taken to his cage he snorted & looked away in disgust. They refused to open the cage & I was forced to try & touch my dog's paw through the bars. Who are these appalling people?

This animal was my beloved companion.  We had travelled the country together. This was a private relationship.

None of their activities have been accompanied by documentation & a dozen emails requesting details of their internal reporting process have been ignored. The "Special Constable" promised to have my dog’s remains cremated & returned within 7-10 days. I was trying to retrieve some dignity out of the situation & as it was his birthday on the 28th Oct wanted to celebrate his life & scatter his ashes with my family on his birthday.

I began ringing them on the 21st & was told that all information on MY whippet had to go through the "Special Constable". She eventually rang me on the 29th to tell me to retrieve his ashes. When I attended their premises it became obvious that they had been in her possession since the 18th Oct. This woman is so completely insensitive she used the same mobile phone call to tell me that if I wanted to involve myself in a reporting process I must bring a lawyer who would not be allowed to speak. I think I was speechless.

My three grandchildren have known my Whip since they were born, & my eldest granddaughter has been deeply traumatised by her first experience of death. I had a very different experience planned for this child & this 'Special Constable’ shall remain a person that is despised by my family. The fact that this horrible woman was anywhere near my dog infuriates me. He was a deeply respectful animal but he would have looked at her & seen the ugly truth of her.

My granddaughter & the rest of my family were fully aware that someone had come & stolen their dog & when I returned without him the following day the life experience I had carefully planned turned to the worst sort of sorrow.

I hold the RSPCA responsible for the wounds to my family. I hold them responsible for the disgusting & cruel treatment meted out to my dog & myself.

The RSPCA has jackbooted its way into my family on the strength of an anonymous phone call - a notoriously poor method of community reporting & then taken it upon itself to rush to kill my sweet dog.


I am aware of no other entity that has legal powers at its disposal & chooses to lie to achieve its agenda.

My research so far has failed to turn up any evidence of appropriate tertiary degrees amongst senior inspecting staff. I came across no-one in the reporting arm of this enclosed society that demonstrates the personal qualities that would qualify them to assess me or my dog. The public has a right to know that this organisation is bereft of integrity & that its publicity does not reflect its agenda.

This is the short version of this story. My dog was truly my best friend. The RSPCA is a cruel & offensive organisation.

Has anyone reported these people to the Ombudsmen?

Thanks for reading this.

Signed A. H.