orphaned calves




The articles included here relate to extended powers of RSPCA Inspectors. 

The first  photograph was published in The Coonamble Times and The Courier, Narrabri immediately following the slaughter of Ruth Downey’s cattle on 14 June 2008.

Label photo :
RSPCA Inspector Gary Ashton shot this young  Jersey/ Angus  cow while her  head was turned away.  Humane guidelines state an animal must be shot in the head. Watching this procedure is RSPCA Inspector Anne Jackson. On the truck are two vets, S. Slattery from the Rural Lands Protection Board, and  G. Doherty, a Newcastle Equine vet.  The cow was shot while she was trying to figure out what had happened to the dead cow in front of her. Was it Ruth Downey who was guilty of cruelty, or the gang at the truck?

The photo below shows Ruth’s cows eating protein supplements on 22 March 2007. The cattle were also fed on hay.