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Cats and Dogs in Victorian RSPCA Shelters as advertised  Sunday 1 March 2009

Since the cats and dogs have a set “Adoption Fee” the RSPCA is in fact selling them.
1 March 2009 Advertised Adoption Fees for Dogs and Cats at most shelters were:

Adult Dog (over 4 months) $220 Adult Cat (over 4 months) $85
Puppy   Kitten $125
Senior (over 7 years) $155 Senior (over 7 years) $65

Some variations to these prices occur at different shelters.

Shelter Dogs Cats Kittens
Ballarat 15 11 "many"
Bendigo 7 5  
Burwood 4 15  
Castlemaine 4 11  
Echuca 16 7  
Epping 0 0  
Peninsula 10 20 "many"
Portland 3 1  
Sale 4 4 "many"
Wangaratta 3 6 "many"
Warnambool 2 8 "many"


So in the State of Victoria on 1 March 2009 there were 68 dogs available for adoption, 88 cats and “many” kittens.

The number “available for adoption” is very small in comparison with the number killed. One wonders how quickly these animals sell and how many animals each shelter is capable of housing.

An animal shelter run by Monika Biernacki will house more dogs for adoption than the entire State of Victoria had on 1 March 2009. [Advertisement for her shelter 23 Dec 2008]. She re-homes all her dogs, even if they have problems, no matter how long it takes.