orphaned calves




On many occasions we have made reports to the RSPCA regarding cruelty cases and have been fobbed off by the receptionists and inspectors with comments like, "There is no legislation to cover your complaint" or another good one is, "That's just your opinion and are you a vet?" All of these times there has been one major contributing factor to the RSPCAs inaction... big business or rich and powerful owners!

My family has been farming livestock in Australia for generations and for generations before they came to Australia as free settlers in 1804. We are responsible and competent farmers. We love and care for all animals.

I have crossed swords with animal activists on a number of occasions due to their lack of interest in genuine cruelty cases and their interference in matters of non cruelty that they obviously know nothing about but from which they feel they can drum up some free media attention.

I have two friends who worked for the RSPCA for a number of years. One was sacked after pursuing a case, which failed in court for one reason only  -  the defendants were big business owners. The other was made redundant, also for treading on the toes of big business, and does not even acknowledge having ever worked for the RSPCA.

I know of a property in the Moree area that I visited to collect cattle from some years ago; they had some of the most emaciated cattle I have ever seen still standing. Although some were down when I made a complaint, I was told they were under the care of the company vet so nothing could be done. What a crock! Nothing was being done, no feed was being given and I was told by the manager that it was just Mother Nature taking control and it was just the natural order of things in the bush. This was obviously how they dealt with cull cows in a time when they were worth nothing. The cattle I carted to an abattoir from this property were in fat condition. My dad and my godfather were both cattle buyers for a the Australian Meat Company in the '60s, '70s & '80s so I have had a pretty good education of cattle weight/body scores. Anyway nothing was done for these cattle as the company belonged to a very large family owned company. Coincidentally this company has evaded prosecution for damaging wetlands of significant world heritage listing.

Amazing the languages that money speaks!

C.M. (Full name supplied)